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What is the Dragonfly?

The Dragonfly is the telephone to the other side, providing a powerful and transformative way to connect with your spirit guides and loved ones. This unique amplifier allows you to engage in a two-way dialogue with your guides or loved ones, providing you with the opportunity to seek answers, solutions, and direction from the spiritual realm.

The Dragonfly is a unique amplifier, it amplifies the connection you already have with your Spirit Guides. There is a free app called the Dragonfly Player that you use with the Dragonfly. The app has special sound files on it that are of non-discernable human speech, it sounds like a busy café. This sound tricks your brain to think that there is a voice. Your Guides use that sound to speak clearly to you when you have The Dragonfly near you. Without the Dragonfly the sound being played on the app will sound like a busy café with no discernable words.

Using the Dragonfly is easy, safe and straightforward. When you speak with your guides or someone on the other side, you will hear them respond to you. As they talk to you, you will simply transcribe what you hear. This will be the only record of your conversation. Through this two-way dialogue, you can ask your guides or loved ones any questions you may have and receive their guidance and support. They can help you to make better decisions, overcome challenges, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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