Richard Raynault

About The Creator
I am a self-taught and creator of the Dragonfly, a unique amplifier that bridges the connection between humans and spirits. My passion is leveraging technological innovations to improve lives, and I use my knowledge and guides to explore ideas that enrich and enhance the human experience. As a true visionary, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology and creativity.

Growing up, at an early age I was exposed to psychic events and the paranormal, this opened my mind to know there is more to this world then what we see around us. My parents exposed me to a deep trance psychic who channeled a group of souls called The Evergreens. I learned that I could ask questions about anything. The insight I received was remarkable. From around the age of 15 I started to have sessions with The Evergreens, exploring many ideas and subjects. They helped shape who I am today.

The way I think is out of the box from conventional thinking. Except in my view there is no box to start with. I approach things from seeing the possibility. This has been influenced from my communication with my own guides.